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Real Bingo

Now you can play Bingo with your kids and friends.
Print Bingo boards using this app, and then use your device to generate random numbers or pictures.
Real Bingo lets you really play the popular Bingo game.
Use Real Bingo to create and print Bingo boards (using AirPrint) or send them to your mail box and print the boards using a standard printer.
After you have your Bingo boards, Real Bingo will generate random numbers one at a time.

Even young kids can play Bingo! They don't have to be able to read numbers, because Real Bingo includes a "Kid Friendly" game that uses pictures instead of numbers.

- Generate and print Bingo boards.
- Generate random numbers, or even pictures, for Bingo.
- "Kid Friendly" Bingo - Play bingo with your young children using pictures instead of numbers.

Hint: You can emulate AirPrint printer even when you don't have such. You need to install AirPrintActivator service from here: http://tinyurl.com/2f48rg3. Than you should share your printer for network usage. You must have Apple Bonjour installed on that computer.
Note, this is not an official solution from Apple nor from me. This is a 3rd party tool.

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